External DAC - Pine64

Time to call for help.  (HELP!)

I'm trying to enable external DAC support on a distribution other than Volumio for the Pine64. (Not the Rock64 - for which there seems to be support.)  I have tried both Armbian Xenial desktop legacy kernel 3.10.y and 0.7.19-118 xenial minimal from ayufan.  The DAC is not recognized and it ports do not appear when one queries aplay.

Am missing something pretty basic like, duh, there is only a driver available for Volumio for the Pine64.

Why? I'm setting up multi room audio and was hoping to have a few "drone" devices with just snapcast and maybe some other stuff for home automation.  Wanted Ubuntu because I have more experience with it than others.  And I thought this would be easy.  (HA!)  At least I've learned a lot.

Thank you for your thoughts,


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