New pinebook owner, media playback how? (was: larger eMMC, what and how to install?)
(08-20-2017, 11:45 PM)dahni Wrote: Thank you for the detailed information.

<snip>  so how do we create the bootable images manually?

hi dahni,   video pretty much is-what-it-is on the A64.  It has more to do with the state of mali and drm and less to do with the build !

In other words, you can manually build an image until the proverbial cows come home, but video on the A64 is not going to improve.   The driver does not support GL;  only GLES (a subset).  

A word about pre releases;   in our neck of the woods pre release means "use at your own risk".  Unless you are an actual developer ( pull requests on github ) you should not be using the pre releases.   Use the latest non pre release (stable tested).   "release" is what is recommended,  not pre release.

Building images manually is a steep learning curve which can take years to climb;  I encourage you to work at it, but its not a quick fix, and its not trivial.
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