E: The repository 'http://pinebook.kde.org.uk bionic Release' no longer has a Release
I'm trying to resurrect my Pinebook and could use a hand. I've got a black screen and cursor (I skip the login?) so I think something is wrong with Plasma.

I'm starting the fix by trying to run updates (I'm on some 18.* release of Ubuntu under the hood) but I'm getting:

`E: The repository 'http://pinebook.kde.org.uk bionic Release' no longer has a Release file.`

It looks like the files I need to point to are here: https://files.kde.org/neon/images/pinebo...eredition/

But when I try to edit my sources.list all I see are the two main Ubuntu ports (bionic and bionic-updates).

Does anyone know where I can find and edit the `http://pinebook.kde.org.uk bionic Release` entry?
try looking int he folder with sources.list for another sources.list file, that should be labeled as specifically kde/neon
what do you edit the pinebook.list to say?

When I add the url to my file it still says there is no release file.
you might try the repos given here in this script https://invent.kde.org/neon/neon/reposit...s.postinst

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