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New pinebook owner, media playback how? (was: larger eMMC, what and how to install?)
Hello everybody,
my pinebook finally arrived.
I was surpirsed to see that it booted straight into Ubuntu(?) Mate, but I had ordered the 64GB eMMC, and have installed it already, so I will need to re-install I think.
I am right now in the process of flashing Xenial Mate for eMMC to a microSD card I borrowed from my phone.
I hope I'm understanding this correctly:
- pinebook cannot boot from USB
- i need to create an installer on a microSD to install the OS to the internal eMMC
I hope this will succeed.

I have been using Linux for a long time now, but have zero experience with SBCs!
What options do I have to install a GNU/Linux based (not Android) operating system to my pinebook, with maximum configurability the way I'm used to building up my own minimal desktop from a barebones install?
Why are the images divided in sdcard and eMMC images?
Can I install all pine64 operating systems, or does it have to be specifically for the pinebook?

Can't I install a "normal" ARM Linux to the eMMC, just like to a hard drive?
How is the update process? A quick glance at the forums here gives me the impression that it is different from a normal Linux distro's package managament?

the Ubuntu(?) Mate the pinebook came preinstalled with works well enough, but I noticed straightaway that media playback is abysmal: (s)mplayer complains that "This device is too slow!" - and playback is indeed very choppy (a h264 encoded 720p full length movie), the video is some sort of hardware overlay on top of all other windows.
Is this an older version of the operating system, will the version provided by the pine64 installer (xenial mate 0.6.2-77 for eMMC) bring some improvement?

Thanks for reading this far.



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New pinebook owner, media playback how? (was: larger eMMC, what and how to install?) - by dahni - 08-19-2017, 05:00 AM

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