DMG/Classic Gameboy Enclosure!? n_n'
(01-29-2016, 05:47 AM)Gearsoul Wrote: :3 Heh~ True enough!

Hm, yes... Well, the issue... Hm... I looked at it again from the other side of the Gameboy and it looks like you could fit a board- in *front* of it. And if the USB ports are gonna be that much of an issue, they really need to be at the back, so they can poke out of the game cartridge slot...

Unless you were willing to cut into the case and make space for them that way?

Case cutting may become necessary, yes...  Sad

In other news, I found these small screens that may be suitable:

They are for the Raspberry Pi, but conceivably could be used to run on the Pine, depending on connectors and drivers...(if it turns out the Pine IS too big for the Gameboy case, the other sacrilegious option is to use a Raspberry Pi Zero - that would definitely fit Tongue)

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