Perfect ABS Plastic Server Enclosure from Radio Shack
(09-23-2016, 01:53 AM)Prince3121 Wrote: Cool

Finally, have most of the hardware, to build my Pine64 into the ABS enclosure. This is only temporary, as I'm hopefully, sourcing a C4 Labs enclosure, via a travelling friend.

My Parts List so far:
ABS case 195x110x60mm, only size I could get.
M3 30mm nuts and bolts
5V DC fan to follow
2N2222 transistor
Power and Reset Micro-switches
Extra HDMI Cables.

Pity about the only HDMI video support, as I have an old LCD VGA screen, which I used with my RPi 3, via the VGA to HDMI adapter. Luckily, I have an LG LCD monitor with a HDMI input, which works perfectly. I even tried a DVI to HDMI adapter to fit my old AOC 22" Screen, but no luck there.

Will attempt to get everything put together and mounted by this weekend. I have already installed and started up the Pine64, with the Android and now Ubuntu image loaded onto the Microsd card, successfully. Think I will play a little first before deciding what project to attempt with it.

Big Grin

Did you happen to see C4's solution to the LCD enclosure? (page 7)

+1 me if I have helped you in any way. Thank you.

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