gpio on Quartz64-a
(02-23-2024, 12:48 AM)jyoung Wrote:
(01-17-2024, 01:37 PM)jyoung Wrote: I'm trying to setup an LED indicator using the gpio pins on a Quartz64 model A. I've installed libgpiod, which comes with a number of  tools, like gpiodetect and gpioinfo. With these tools, I can detect a five gpio chips (0-4). However, I don't think that any of these are linked to the main gpio pins since each of the chips has 32 lanes, but there are only 20 gpio pins on the Model A. Also, very few of the 5x32 lanes are named, and the few names are things like "fan" or "restart", not the names listed in section 3.8 of the wiki

This is an excellent tutorial on gpio programming, which originally led me to libgpiod

However, all the examples are for the Model B. I'd hoped that the setup and naming convention for the Model A would be similarly easy, but it seems not. Does anyone have insight for the Model A?

For context, I've tried this while running armbian and gentoo, and the results are the same.
I've tried a few things, with limited success. This thread

has a comment at the end that pin7 is an all-purpose gpio pin connected to gpio chip 0 line 0, so it can be turned on with 

gpioset 0 0=1

That worked, but, how would one know that pin7 corresponds to 0 0? The output of gpioinfo doesn't seem to give any clues on this point.
Actually, if anyone could just point out one additional line in the gpio that I could toggle, that would do it for this project. It kind of looks like pins 3,5,12,14 might be good candidates, but I can't tell what chips/lines they're connected to. Trying lines at random is kind of a mixed bag, since there are 5x32 lines, and some of the lines trigger a power off/restart.

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