Pine64 LTS won't boot
The problem turned out to be the Armbian image I was using. Armbian does not distinguish between the Pine64(+) and the Pine64-LTS. The LTS' getting started section even links to Pine64(+) images. According to Armbian devs, Pine64 did not tell them about the difference in hardware, and thus the poorly linked documentation. The correct images for the Pine64-LTS, and presumably the SOPine, are categorized as pine64so.

Can someone at Pine64 communicate the difference to Armbian devs? Or at least change the link  in the getting started page?

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Pine64 LTS won't boot - by zuvmajujo - 02-22-2023, 10:10 PM
RE: Pine64 LTS won't boot - by zuvmajujo - 04-02-2023, 04:59 PM

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