change the charge LED indicator to Mode B on Pine64 LTS
Hi everyone,

I'm using Pine64 LTS for a project. According to AXP803 datasheet  Page37 & 38, the charge LED indicator can be set to Mode A or Mode B. Does anyone know how to change this setting via sysfs, or other interface(I2c, Uart) ?

[email protected]:/sys/class/power_supply$ ls
axp20x-battery  axp813-ac
[email protected]:/sys/class/power_supply$ cd axp813-ac
[email protected]:/sys/class/power_supply/axp813-ac$ ls
device  health  input_current_limit  online  power  present  subsystem  type  uevent  voltage_min
[email protected]:/sys/class/power_supply/axp813-ac$ cat uevent


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