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Suggestion / Warning about closed source wifi and keyboard / touch pad firmware
How can you call pinebook pro "open" when it requires a closed source WiFi firmware? (and closed source keyboard / touch pad firmware)
"ath9k" or "carl9170" would be a good solution because they are open and work on 5GHz.
The TERES by Olimex suffers from this problem too but I was easily able to remove the wifi module on the motherboard with a heat gun and some rosin.
The pinebook pro looks incredibly difficult to remove the wifi chip from the motherboard.
The next generation of pinebook pro should include an open source wifi option or an easy way to remove anything that is not open source.
(No I do not work for Olimex. I just want a better pinebook.)

If someone can get physical access to your pinebook (and reverse engineer the firmware or buy it from the manufacturer), they could upload a modified keyboard firmware that includes a key logger.
I use tamper evident stickers over some of the screw holes and over the SD card slot to prevent this.

Please complete the poll to show support for an easily removable wifi module.
Open source freedom fighting is hard to do without any help.

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Suggestion / Warning about closed source wifi and keyboard / touch pad firmware - by omarcomputing - 10-08-2022, 10:57 AM

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