PBP booting but stops at flashing power led
This is what I did and the results:

Booting from SD card

  1. Flashed Manjaro ARM xfce 22.06 image to SD card using Balena Etcher
  2. Flashed idbloader, uboot und trust images (from Github) using the "dd" commands given in the MrFixit2001 update script
  3. Reomved the eMMC
  4. Success - the PBP booted from SD card

Booting from eMMC
  1. Saved the first 16M from the old eMMC
  2. Saved the first 512B from the new eMMC (the mbr)
  3. Flashed the first 16M to the new eMMC
  4. Flashed the mbr back to the new eMMC
  5. Booted the PBP and got the same result: power LED flashing green-orange

Thus, I can boot from SD card (but not with eMMC inserted - only without eMMC) but not from eMMC. Before I posted my issue, I also tried to backup the old eMMC and flash the image to the new eMMC. During the flash process I got an error that the size does not fit.

Is there something else I can do to properly flash the new eMMC?

I also tried the following:

a) Flashing Manjaro ARM xfce 22.06 image to eMMC

b) Same as a) and updating idbloader, uboot and trust with MrFixit

c) all steps from a) and b) and flashing the mbr

Unfortunately, the result is the same as described before: boot screen => blinking cursor => power LED flashing green-orange.

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