Anyone yet received replacement sim/sd card holder
(06-08-2022, 01:05 PM)Chief Wrote:
(06-08-2022, 08:07 AM)tckosvic Wrote:
(06-08-2022, 06:15 AM)Chief Wrote:
(06-07-2022, 08:51 PM)tckosvic Wrote:
(06-07-2022, 01:13 PM)Chief Wrote: My sim card holder was busted as well. One of the pins had broken off. I took it to a repair shop my son suggested to me and 1 day later fixed for $25.00
Works fine now so I suggest if it is at all repairable by your local shop consider this cheap but excellent cost fix.
That stated I have done all the updates possible including towboot and quite a few things are fixed. The problem still remains that the output sound is seriously low regardless of speaker / internal setting and volume maxed out. Also the device still wants to sleep and >sometimes< requires a hard boot. Based on this and the fact that I use documents (important) etc not a reliable device at this time. PP Convergence is still my daily device with 100% reliability and I consider this device to be Pine64's "flagship"

Would you be able to get the part number and name for the item your repair guy installed and post it here? Might break the broken sim/sd card log jam.

Good job.  My PP works infinitely better than my PPP which doesn't make calls.  I use that also.

No part number involved. As it was just the pin most pins will do fine as a replacement. In the forum another person has suggested that LG L4 sim card holder is a near perfect match to the PPP sim holder. I also mentioned that to the repair fellow. Although my PPP is fixed and I have a separate sim card in it the reliability is still vague. Sometimes it works great, the next day no sound on calls. But if I use sound recorder I always have sound playback. I'm guessing that before the PPP is a viable daily device might be another year or so yet before usable daily. All I do with mine is pull it out of the box, update, test a bit and then put away. Too bad considering the excellent speed it has.

Thanks for repair info. You have much more patience than I.  I was so anxious to dump my 5 yr samsung android ASAP and get to a trackless environment with the PPP. that I put a big effort into trying OS/desktops and making adjustments with countless insertions of sd cards into the holder.  I added more than 125 messages to this forum when I was active.   I agree that it is a long way from a usable device; for me especially now that my sim card is not recognized as it once was.  I would buy a replacement motherboard if these were available to get around the sim card holder problem.  Last I looked, the PPP parts store only has 2 items in it; replacement pins and screws.  Big deal!

Simply stated - beta. I also took a chance and bought the device early based on the fact that my PP works great. All I was looking for from PPP was the speed. I still have a Blackberry Classic which is also a secure device hence why governments around the world have used Blackberry. Now that Blackberry has rolled over into Android my BBC is now a table time piece. My Moto E4 I use for images as required but it never leaves the house. From the very start all I have wanted for the past 25 years is a device that is secure and can handle documents. In my opinion only the Librem and PinePhone can handle that task. I'm willing to hang in there and continue with these devices. I think it's worth the wait.
Curious as to what OS/desktp combo you are using for PP.  Trying to avoid separate post asking this question in PP section of forum.

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