Cannot wake the phone after "systemctl suspend" on PPP
(02-04-2022, 03:43 PM)dukla2000 Wrote: Arch on an SDcard also recovers FWIW. But my waters tell me that within a week or so we should take a leap past this hiccup with Tow-boot.

{On the RK3399 the eMMC is JEDEC 5.1, the SDcard is JEDEC 4.51. So getting back to the eMMC in due course will be beneficial.}

Arch image wakes from suspend with SDCard boot & eMMC wiped?

Edit: Just tested and yes it works but man is Arch underwhelming compared to Manjaro. It even has lower packages and kernel version than Manjaro Unstable. After some testing, upgrading to unstable branch on Mobian or Arch to get the latest packages also includes latest kernel. The latest kernel regresses the sleep function and breaks it again. I wish we could get Manjaro working with deep sleep. Sleep and Audio quality is the only thing keeping me from daily driving it.

Edit2: Tow-boot flashed to SPI fixes suspend issue for the Pinephone Pro

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