Buyer beware: Pine64 is not checking their sales email, won't alter or cancel orders
I recently purchased a replacement screen for my PinePhone, which works great. However, I assumed, incorrectly, that there would be an adhesive screen protector in the box, and there wasn't. So, I went on the website and ordered one. 

The default shipping for this order was by courier, and was 22 dollars (!) for a 5-dollar item. I didn't realize this until I received an email that my order was received, and the total was 27 dollars.

I quickly went back to the site and navigated to my orders, which returns a 404 page. So I responded to the email with CANCEL CANCEL in the subject line. In the email, I said I don't want to pay this exorbitant fee to have this screen protector delivered via courier.

I then sent another email stating that I would still make the order, if we could alter the shipping method. These emails went to and no one ever responded to them.

11 days went by, and just now I received another email that my order has been processed. I don't know why anyone would want to pay to have a courier bring them a screen protector, if it takes Pine64 11 days just to acknowledge the order. And since the site is broken, and since no one responds to the sales email, I have to now contact my credit card company to get this order cancelled. Chances are, I'll receive this thing anyway, at which point I suppose I'll have to send it back.

On a related note, if anyone knows of another screen protector, that fits the PinePhone, please let me know and I'll order it. I don't think I can keep ordering from Pine64 if the process is this dysfunctional.

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Buyer beware: Pine64 is not checking their sales email, won't alter or cancel orders - by 3x5co - 10-12-2021, 08:57 AM

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