Aftermarket Pine Phone Batteries
I bought the 'EB-BJ700CBE'

The first one fit identical to the Pine battery, .. the second one fit just a bit too tight for my taste so I filed just a 'little' from the lower edge.
* Now that one also fits like a Pine battery.

* Before buying a battery I had read here on the forum,
Someone had purchased the EB-BJ700BBU and they had to remove a plastic strip from the battery for it to fit.

I think the wiki may be just a little in-accurate in the description. * but It is still a guide or starting point.

Do a little checking online and use some common sense before buying,
Sometimes people may state their opinions as facts...

The BBU batteries I see are also rated at 3000mAh

From experience, when you swap batteries, you will probably have to reset your phones time.
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