Missing items, board without switches
(06-20-2016, 10:56 PM)zzarko Wrote: I have followed pine team announcements regarding shipping and recommended time for waiting them to come. At the end of april I got my first package (parcel RI894207017CN), containing Pine64+ (serial 410640105913) and WiFi module. As it was said that I should wait couple of weeks if my order had more than one unit, I have waited. But, after a few weeks, this is the only thing I got. I have sent an email to shipping@pine64.com three weeks ago, no answer so far. So, I decided to try here...

The missing items are:

QTY     ITEM         PRICE
1     Abs case legacy square thumb     PINE64 ABS Enclosure     $6.24 (incl. shipping)
1     Pinea64 2gbpn legacy square thumb     PINE A64+ 2GB - PA642GB     $30.00 (incl. shipping)
1     Acryliccase 1 legacy square thumb     PINE64 Acrylic Open Enclosure     $7.49 (incl. shipping)
1     Hdmitovga legacy square thumb     HDMI to VGA Adapter With Audio     $6.24 (incl. shipping)
2     Backupcr legacy square thumb     RTC Backup Battery - CR     $4.24 (incl. shipping)
4     Plug international1 legacy square thumb     PINE64 5V 2A Power Supply - International     $8.24 (incl. shipping)
2     Pinea64p 1 legacy square thumb     PINE A64+ 1GB - PA641GB

Also, the unit I have received came with one tactile switch that was just thrown into the bag (picture in attachment). As I'm not sure this is how it is supposed to be, nor I have found a picture of the final board, I'm also not sure if there is anything more that is missing on it.

I know that pine team has many things to sort out, but I think that I have been more than patient and still got no response...
The switch goes on the right side of the board, below the ethernet port, either as a reset switch or a power switch
Backer #20,167 - KS funded 07 Jan 2016 - Backerkit funded 10 Mar 2016

STATUS -  Received 6 Jul 2016 - Shipped 24 Jun 2016

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