(potential) work-around for Playstore authentication issue
All credit goes to Keex

At the moment this is a potential work-around for the issue since I do not have a spare Pine64 to reproduce the issue. So if you are experiencing this problem please leave feedback below if this solution worked. 

Keex wrote: 

"Haven't read the whole thread, but I encountered a problem with the Playstore before.

The problem was the System Time. The Pine doesn't have a real time clock, and obviously doesn't get the time from the carrier (like smartphones). Hence it's just set to some random value a few years ago.
In my case I couldn't use the playstore (or any other Google apps for this matter). After I set the system time correctly, the apps worked fine. In the end I used an app that set the system time after booting automatically (requires root)." (original post
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(potential) work-around for Playstore authentication issue - by Luke - 06-08-2016, 06:55 AM

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