Pine A6+ with OpenVPN
(01-16-2016, 09:13 PM)sprout Wrote: Hi

Congratulations on your $1m KickStarter achievement!  Clearly you have struck a nerve.  I have signed up for the Pine A64+ with 2GB RAM to use to trial Linux, as I'm becoming increasingly interested in open source / disillusioned with Apple.

On a bit of a side note, have you have tested the Pine64+ with OpenVPN?  I know it's not top of everyone's wish list, but it is mine.

I live in rural Thailand, and my internet connection is rather unreliable.  However, I have found that, by connecting to my own VPN server via OpenVPN, I can get speed increases of 50%, along with reduction in latency and increased reliability.

The other thing I've done is to invest in a Peplink bonding router, which allows me to bond multiple ISP WAN connections.  At the moment I'm bonding 4.

However, it strikes me that I should be opening a VPN connection on each WAN connection before they enter the bonding router, so I've been talking with PicoCluster about them building me an 8 board, 4 node cluster, based on Pine A64+, as per the attached diagram.

Will this work?  I don't think the chip you're using is particularly suited for AES encryption, so want to be sure before I spend $800+ on my little project!


The A64 SoC chip has the AES encryption engine and the openVPN may be available when somebody bring up the Open WRT. Currently this is just a discussion and not yet available.

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