PinePhone KDE Community Edition shipping update thread.
[December 31, 2020] I've opened the KDE shipping thread a bit early to let you all know that we're currently approx 7-10 days behind schedule.
Long story short, a key component wasn't available until now. We were planning on shipping the KDE CE early January - this has now been pushed back to mid-January. I'll keep you posted on shipping progress in this thread.

[January 5, 2021] Following the slight (10 day) delay, were now back on track and everything is going smoothly. We currently expect to start shipping on January 18. Sorry for the delay.

PSA for UK users: We have been notified that our EU warehouse is no longer able to deliver PinePhones to the United Kingdom. This may result in order status being changed or cancelled. We are, however, working on a way to resolve this situation. As soon as something more is known, I'll make sure to update you here. We apologize for the situation - it is completely outside of our control.

[January 18, 2021] Shipping will start this week. As I already mentioned, we were running a bit behind schedule; the initial delay was caused by component shortages, but the production team also encountered some software problems late last week. These issues have now been sorted thanks to the KDE team, and the team will work though the night today and continue work on Tuesday to get all phones packaged for shipping.
Due to the COVID19 situation in Europe, DHL delivery to and from the EU warehouse are likely to be slower than usual (fewer flights from Hong Kong to EU, as well as slowdowns in deliveries between EU boarders).
Once again, apologies for this slight delay and your continued understanding Smile

[January 27, 2021] Some of you have today received an information from DHL that your PinePhone KDE CE was 'returned to shipper'. Having already accepted the shipment and all paperwork, DHL decided to take an issue with the size of battery warning sticker. A sticker size they've never taken issue with in the past I might add. As a result of this, new stickers will have to be issued and new paperwork will have to be filed. This should take about a week. We always own up when we mess up - but this one is completely on DHL. Regardless, we're sorry about the delay; shipping will work as fast as possible to resend the PinePhones.

For those of you in the US; most KDE CE PinePhones should be arriving any day now.
For those of you in Europe (excluding UK): the PinePhones are already at the EU warehouse and should be dispatched your way soon.

[January 30, 2021] Those of you who received 'returned to shipper' notification: the shipping team is working over the weekend to sort out the new battery warning stickers. We are aiming to have your units prepared for DHL pickup on Monday. Please accept DHL's apologies for this situation.

European users (aside from UK): shipment has already started and most of you should receive your unit this time next week.

[February 1, 2021] PinePhones which were previously 'returned to shipper' by DHL have now been dispatched. Thank you for your patience.

[February 5, 2021] Hello everyone, we've had some additional difficulties with DHL shipping these past 5 days (link here for those interested). We're sorry about the longer-than-expected wait. The good news is that all remaining KDE CE PinePhones have now been dispatches.
If you haven't received your DHL tracking number then please do not worry, you should receive it early next week at the latest. 

This, in all likelihood, concludes this update thread. Thank you once again for your patience.
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