Pinebook Pro Dock Power Requirements
(12-06-2020, 01:09 PM)appelgriebsc Wrote: The dock has a higher watt than the pbpro itself as it can be used to also power accessories connected to it (usb drives, ...)

As written in the announcement:

Thanks for the announcement link!

I don't think USB Type-C is rated for 12 A. Even USB PD is only 5A maximum. See page 45 here:

It does say that PD voltage is "configurable." 60 watts would require 12 V at 5 A. Can the dock handle 12V? I don't think such a supply exists on the Pine64 webstore though and I think most 12 V / 5 A capable power supplies will not support a USB Type-C connector (more likely a co-axial barrel connector). An adapter would have to be made.

Okay--there is this one but I think being a "smart" interface, a certified USB Type-C power supply is required:

and it does use a barrel connector but I only see the USB Type-C dongle power connector on the dock.

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