Manjaro Community Edition Shipping thread
Stay tuned to this thread for up-to-date details regarding the shipping progress of Manjaro CE.
Everything is on track and getting ready for shipment. I should have more details this week.

We're somewhat ahead of schedule as first PinePhones shipped via DHL have already started arriving to their new owners.
Those of you who received DHL shipping notices earlier this week - check the status, your units may have already shipped.

For those of you in the Europe: PinePhones destined for European countries will arrive at the warehouse in Poland soon.
However, end-user delivery times may be affected by COVID19 restrictions - this remains to be seen.

There is a constant and steady shipping stream and no major issues have been encountered so far.
Shipments for Europe are expected to start Thursday - 5 November - and continue over the coming weekend. You should expect to see shipping notifications soon.

[09/11/2020] It has come to our attention that some Manjaro PinePhones have shipped with postmarketOS - please see this thread for details.
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Manjaro Community Edition Shipping thread - by Luke - 10-27-2020, 10:09 AM

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