Tutorial: Run Debian off NVMe
Here are steps that worked for me, to get Debian to boot from NVMe on the PineBook Pro.
  1. Install NVMe adapter and NVMe drive

  2. Get the NVME device name --lsblk should list it, the actual device will be something like = /dev/nvme0n1

  3. Install Debian to the NVMe using this: https://github.com/daniel-thompson/pineb...-installer -- Note: The install failed with a hang (flashing amber-green) the first 2 times I tried it, and succeeded the 3rd time.

  4. Install an updated uboot that supports NVMe onto the SPI: https://github.com/pcm720/u-boot-build-s...v2020.07-1. (Note the boot order is microSD, eMMC, then NVMe, so if you want the PBP to boot from NVMe, you need to disable booting from the eMMC)

  5. Boot into manjaro on eMMC

  6. Disable booting from the eMMC (so the PBP will boot from the NVMe): Rename the /boot/extlinux folder on the eMMC e.g. sudo mv /boot/extlinux /boot/extlinux.dontboot (so the PBP will not boot off the eMMC)

  7. Reboot, and it should boot from NVMe
    Note: if you want to go back to booting from eMMC, mount the 1st partition off eMMC--that is eMMC partition that would normally be mounted to /boot on Manjaro) and change the name from extlinux.dontboot (or whatever you used in step 6) back to extlinux and reboot

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