Changing locale on Pinebook Pro
(09-07-2020, 01:31 PM)Perl6_user Wrote: When running the installation process on the new Pinebook Pro, I inadvertently selected the wrong locale, so the desktop is now in Catalan (I think).
What is the simplest process to correct the locale (to English, Canadian or US)?

If I had an installation medium, I'd just re-run the install and pick the right value this time. (Is there some way to do that with the machine as delivered?)
(There's nothing on the system that can't be wiped out and reset.)

If it's possible to change a value in a configuration file (or files), what are the files and values? (I think I can stumble through nano). Please assume a
combination of Unix background and momentary fumbling.

For a simple difficulty, I'd probably try asking the distribution site, but this problem's at the intersection of software and hardware.

(I'm anxious to get the machine usable; what I've seen so far is very attractive.)

I am thinking that the PBP (And probably other Pine64 singleboard computers..) could use a utility similar to raspi-config on the Raspberry Pi boards.

On Raspberry Pi, this tool is great and has both basic and advanced features like locale, expanding an SD cards file system, setting the system to read only, setting up wifi when not running a GUI and more... all things that you can get done in linux with experience... but it drastically helps the newer users.

I think this would benefit the Pine64 community with minimal work.

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