just trying to play a youtube video

so a reminder:
I successfully managed to boot and start up my 512MB DDR pine64 with Debian, the internet connection via wifi works fine.
obviously as a pilot test I wanted to watch a youtube video, but it takes forever even start playing it - iceweasel soon gets stucked, pops out a script error and I must close the browser.

I know that the 512MB is the most basic model, but come on - it can't even run a youtube video?

is there something i can actually do? higher voltage on the power supply (now it's a 2.1A 5V)? using another app or browser (though even Kodi runs slowly)?

really hope theres another solution rather than spending extra money on the pine64+ or, god forbid, rasp pi...

thanks in advance...

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just trying to play a youtube video - by galbez - 05-20-2016, 02:11 PM
RE: just trying to play a youtube video - by koda - 07-11-2016, 02:21 AM

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