Privacy switches - cutting power to wifi card
(08-10-2020, 12:13 AM)as400 Wrote: According to this --->, if I press pine logo key plus F11 for three seconds I can cut the power off to the wifi card.
I tried this but actually I am not able to say cutting power really works judging by the power consumption statistics. It stays on the same level.

Can anyone confirm/deny that cutting power really works ?

As I'm sure you've seen, wifi doesn't work when  disabled with F11.  I am curious though how you are comparing energy usage.  I would imagine that if wifi is turned off via  software,  the energy usage  vs  using F11 to turn off would not be different.  I would have expected to see  some difference with F11 disabling and using wifi,,  but it might take hours to see, especially if the screen is on and the storage device(s)  is using  a lot of power.    Perhaps @tllim  could add some insight here.

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