New to Pinebook Pro
(06-06-2020, 02:00 AM)spikerguy Wrote:
(06-05-2020, 07:25 PM)SanjevR Wrote:
(06-05-2020, 07:22 PM)xmixahlx Wrote: manjaro package manager is pacman.

discord for arm64 is not officially a thing. use the website client or gtkcord3

Awesome but what is Manjao Package Manager? Is that included in this laptop.

Website client should be fine. I'm unfamiliar with the term "gtkcord3", what does it mean?

Hello Dear and Welcome to Pine64 Forum,

I will try to help you with your query.

Manjaro Package Manager is pamac while pacman is from command line. For ease of user we have Pamac which is a Graphical UI.
Please press the 'M' Logo on the bottom left of your screen and you will see a Start menu then just type `pamac` and it will show you "Add/Remove Software" this will open the application which is responsible for installing and removing software application from Manjaro OS.

There you can just type "Thunderbird" and it will show an Install button on the right side, to install it will ask you for your login password for security purpose, please type in the password and it will start the installation process.

Once installation is completed you will see Thunderbird in your Start menu and you can add it to the task bar using 'Pin to task bar' option.

I hope this will give you a basic understanding on how to install/remove softwares on Manjaro.

Good Luck.
 Awesome that was great help! Quick questions though when I downloaded Thunderbird and placed the icon on my desktop there is Red Triangle with an Exclamation Mark on it. What does that Mean? I don't know how to screenshot yet in Pinebrook Pro but I wish I could to show you the image of it.

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