PinebookPro CPU Speed setting
I have RISC OS up and running on the pbp. It is essentially bare metal, and I am having some issues with reliable clocking at higher speeds
I note many reporting that they are running A72 at 1.8GHz + ,and at the expected voltages in in u-boot. Would someone please report a bit of info for me from a working machine. I need the contents of the CRU module. This is at a physical address of 0xff760000, and I need the dump from (ideally) 0xff760000 to ff760500. If that isnt possibly I at least need to know the content of 0xff760020, 0xff760024, 0xff760108 and 0xff76010c

This should provide a sanity check here. I think I'm setting all I need, but suspect there is just something I have missed.
Any help here would be appreciated.

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