Unable to turn off auto brightness at times
I am sometimes unable to turn off auto-brightness for the display.

And while this in itself would not be a problem, it tends to decide on its own to turn the brightness all the way down making the display difficult to read in bright light.

This usually happens when I am at an extreme in brightness.  For example, out in the sun.

I use the tap-down at the top of the display and set the brightness back to something reasonable and over a few minutes it pulls the brightness back down to minimum.  The behavior is repeatable.

Over in Settings when I try to disable auto brightness the button slides over to the left but does not turn grey.  It stays blue.  And I can see the brightness setting bouncing around.

Next if I go inside where the ambient like is not shall we say extreme, the auto-brightness button can be turned off.

I am wondering if the button has trouble working right when the brightness it is reading from the sensor is at an extreme end of its scale?

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