Newbie - Arch Linux - Carrier Info - Thoughts
I got my PinePhone a few days ago. I wanted to document my thoughts and findings. I am a huge Arch Linux fan. So, I went with Arch Linux on the PinePhone.

Installing Arch Linux
I used Jumpdrive to expose the eMMC and flashed the latest Arch release. Thank you @Danct12
I then used ssh to log into my phone and updated everything to the latest releases.
sudo pacman -Syyu
Carrier Info (I will add this to the wiki once I can create an account)
I already had a phone using FaithWireless (An AT&T virtual carrier) and just moved over the SIM.
Calls and Text messages worked without doing anything.
I am hopeful that FaithWireless (AT&T) will allow the phone to stay on the carrier in Feb 2022
  • I was told, if you make a phone call and the phone drops to 3G during the call, it will be removed because it is doing Vo3G not VoLTE. The PinePhone stayed at 4G during phone calls. 
4G (data) I had to set the wireless settings to: link

  1. Flashing the OS was easy
  2. Connecting to Wifi was easy
  3. Maps and GPS worked
  4. Camera worked
  5. I can add software with "sudo pacman -S pcmanfm"
  6. I can update the whole phone with "sudo pacman -Syyu"
  7. Syncthing is in the repositories and could be launched via terminal
  8. Geary works well with gmail
  9. Gnome-Calendar work well with google calendar
Wish List
  1. squeekboard - to have swype/swipe
  2. squeekboard - to have suggested words pop up (spellchecker)
  3. Geary - to have some swipe options
  4. Gnome-Calendar - to have some swipe options 
  5. Display size to have a 150% option
  6. Brave Browser to added to the repositories
(04-26-2021, 09:36 PM)mikehenson Wrote: Wish List
  1. Brave Browser to added to the repositories
They'll add after Brave releases an ARM version for Linux.
Good to hear that everything is working well for you! Although if you really want to build your own environment then check out the barebone image.. waiting for the keyboard attachment Big Grin

Wish List
  1. squeekboard - to have swype/swipe
  2. squeekboard - to have suggested words pop up (spellchecker)

Would be better to suggest it to upstream:
Find me in the forest, when I'm at my lowest. I don't really think you should continue..


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