Best O.S. to use Pine as MediaCenter and Browser?
so to revive an old post...

I would like so more opinions on peoples kodi builds as i am using latest remix os with kodi sideloaded and its fine for a while then the sound goes a bit funny and if i stop and close kodi and go back in all is fine for a while again.

I ONLY bought this as a replacement for my OUYA so please do not flame me about this being a dev board and it still under construction talk as this board has been around for a while and that's all that gets said.

The kickstarter campaign focused HEAVILY on the usage of KODI and that how I pledged for my 2 boards and I have had them so long and I still use my OUYA and then when a video won't play I use my laptop but surely this board should have matured past the point where we can use it as a full no problem KODI player.

[my boards are 2GB boards connected to a samsung UA46F5000AR NON SMART [for a reason]]
Kodi works like a dream on Ayufan's Android 6 build. Chrome works very well on it too. Give it a spin.
(03-04-2017, 01:44 PM)CaptainZalo Wrote: Kodi works like a dream on Ayufan's Android 6 build. Chrome works very well on it too. Give it a spin.

thank you will do

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