A Tale of Two Power Supplies - why good is good and better is best
(08-13-2016, 01:11 PM)MarkHaysHarris777 Wrote: Punkyclown,

First, you posted so that your comments looked like mine... please don't put words in my mouth that way (no worries, I edited the post).  Thanks.

....The electrical characteristics of the PSU you purchased are fine (assuming quality parts, and a good power cord, see above) but you paid too much for it. ...

Hi Mark,

Just a FYI as you probably didn't realise - there is an issue with the forum editor when you remove quotes on replying - if you inadvertently type in the quote box that is left behind it will put the "xyz said" bit back on top of your posting. I'm presuming that is what punkyclowns post looked like as I didn't see it. It's a bit annoying that you have to hit the 'view source' icon at the end of the editor toolbar to get rid of it... stupid editor.

Also, the MCM Raspberry pi adapter is $8.99 plus postage, whereas the eBay item was most likely including postage (and the heatsinks, but their cents in value). The total price of the MCM adapter with their 'super saving shipping' is  $16.98, so I think he came out well, assuming it can deliver the necessary voltage, etc! Big Grin And the inline power switch will be handy for starting up debian images without having to unplug/plug the microusb or adapter in - you just flick the switch both ways (unless you flicked it off when you shutdown the pine64).

Hey Punkyclown - can you give us a link to that item? I'm having trouble finding it...

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