Other boot options than Sdcard for linux 5.x kernel?
(06-28-2021, 12:52 PM)MisterA Wrote: Hi,

I would like to use my Rockpro64 as a dockerplatform. Due to compatibility reasons I would like to use a 5.x linux kernel, and for reliability reasons I would like to boot from  something else than a SDCard.

So far I tried booting Armbian from eMMC, USB and NVMe but nothing worked. I'm using the uboot posted here:

I tried a few others like debian as well, but nothing on 5.x kernel seems to work. From SDCard they all seem to work fine.

Could anyone point me to a possible solution?

Best regards,

I too failed to get Armbian or Manjaro to recognise my eMMC. But now Arch is perfectly feasible - as I write booting 5.13 kernel from eMMC. (See my post on pg 2 of that thread as well.)
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