Keyboard support broken in Mobian?
(06-07-2022, 02:20 AM)MacarioMorenoUK Wrote: On June the 6th I apt upgraded my PinePhone CE running Mobian Bookworm after 2 wks. It prompted me to reboot, and when I did the keyboard was no longer recognised, neither as a battery or as an input source, yet the keyboard battery continued to charge the phone itself.

I suspected this was an issue with the update and started investigating; from what I have gathered the keyboard battery is supported via module ip5xxx_power, and the keyboard itself via module kb151. None of these modules are present in my /lib/modules/5.15-sunxi64/kernel subtree, and I the modification date of kernel/drivers/power matches the 06/06 date. 

I understand you can build these modules from source, but I would like to understand why they have disappeared in case this is an issue with Mobian and the maintainers need to be notified. I would appreciate if anyone with a working keyboard could locate these modules and confirm their location.

I have the same issue. Apt updated on 06/06... I have power on and off but the k151 'bar' is missing in Mobian and no keyboard output. Apt update on 07/06 no change.

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