Power indicator LED flashing alternating colours

I've been messing around with my brand-new Pinebook Pro. I had an issue where KDE appeared to have died, so I force shutdown the laptop. After that, I could no longer log in - my password would get accepted, but it would hang on the progress bar after the password.

To try and work out what's going on, I dropped into tty2 (Ctrl + Alt + F2), but then I realised that things are seriously wrong - I would get segfaults running man. I force shut down the laptop again, and now I'm getting the power LED flashing.

I am fully aware that this is my fault (well, except the initial KDE blackout which I probably should have debugged more), however, does this mean that eMMC is now corrupted and the only solution is a reinstall?

Also, I don't know what the colours of the power LED are as I'm colourblind, but I'm certain people in the know understand what I'm talking about. I think the error codes should also possibly be on the wiki - I'm happy to add those there when I get a reply here.
I assume you have no data on the PBP that you want to restore.
In that case just try to reinstall.
Typically the LEDs alternating between green and amber indicate a kernel panic.
(05-30-2020, 12:46 PM)tophneal Wrote: Typically the LEDs alternating between green and amber indicate a kernel panic.

That's useful information, however, it makes me a bit worried - currently, I'm trying to run Manjaro 20.04 XFCE (the microSD variant) and get reproducible green/amber flashing indications straight after log-in. I will try other distros/etc, but at the moment my PBP is not a happy lappy. Sad

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