Phone dead.
OK, I charged the phone up for the first time and was able to turn it on and after a while it went dead.

Tried to recharge it but no indicator light to say its charging.

Any ideas?


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have you looked at the posting further down re charging etc

or here
(05-22-2020, 09:28 AM)colin hodsdon Wrote: have you looked at the posting further down re charging etc

or here
I'll take a look.


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Well, I've tried to reset the phone and used a different USB cable but seems the phone is completely dead.

I'm really peeved off with pine that I paid for a phone that stopped working within the hour of switching on for first time.

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Did you only ever get it to turn on when plugged in? Sounds like maybe you didn't remove the battery isolator tab.
....  In the past,  phones often came with the battery not installed,  but packed inside the same box as the phone

   Have you removed the battery isolation tape from the phone ?    (Carefully !)
I noticed the phone is not charging on the computer or other cheap wall chargers. Be sure you use a powerful one (I only can charge it in the UPS). I think I read your charger has to be at least 3V.
the USB spec is 5 volts, so no charger should ever be less than 5 volts. the only variance should be in amperage, which varies by USB spec

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