PBP Gen1 ISO for sale, US
Functional, with the original OS, except for Firefox, Chromium. Sad
There are small cracks at the USBs, and the hinge is getting pretty tight, so i don't know how many cycles it has left.
Best offer, i guess. DM me .
So, a lot of lookers but no takers.
In the meantime i have borked the poor thing while attempting to install Manjaro to EMMC. (I have learned that i have exceeded my diminishing capacities.) It will not currently boot, even from SD.
Okay, so if you're ready to attempt to resurrect it, and can pick it up in Chicopee, MA, US, you can have it for 0 USD. That's free, folks, no strings attached. Will ship, US only, at your expense.
Private message or email me if you want it. watercourse@protonmail.com

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