Official Debian support!
I've just got Debian up and running on my ROCKPro64 and after a few false starts it's "working" but I have no display except for the serial console. Here's what I did:

Installed the updated u-boot from here

Installed the official Debian from here booting from a USB stick and installing onto an SD card

After that I had no display, so I got the firmware blobs from here and put them in their respective places in /lib/firmware/brcm and /lib/firmware/rockchip.

I still have no display. I'm using a computer monitor hooked up via HDMI. Before I upgraded the u-boot, it would show on the monitor, then the monitor would go black when the kernel booted. Now it's black the whole way through the boot process.

Is there something else I need to do? I don't really care if I don't get video back during u-boot but it would be nice to have it once the kernel kicks in.
You might join the mailing list and ask there. Or try it with this kernel which the Daniel Thompson debootstrap setup uses.

It is official Debian to some degree because it uses debootstrap to install by pulling from Debian servers. Debian just doesn't have all the pieces yet. They don't like using blobs they have no control over, same with OpenBSD. I'm using it on a new SD card to boot from then I manually mount my nvme drive. I can replace the SD card or drop back to Stretch on the eMMC and not mess up what's in my data partition on the nvme. When the final solution comes along I've got a few partitions reserved for those.

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