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How about a arm based pine 64 mini to go with the pinebook
I find it is interesting that there is a pinebook 64 to purchase but am thinking that it would be nice to have a higher end arm based Pine Mini based loosely as something similar to a mac mini or a Nuc computer as a project mini desktop. The general idea would be a usable mini arm computer of many usages suck as a Media box, large screen tv web surfer, software development device and other options such as a media center. So not quite a pc desktop but way more advanced than a arm media center and usable as a computer for say Arch Linux for pine arm development with a high end arm system with a newer arm processor as they are getting to the point to be competitive with a X86 system.
The Rock64, Rock64Pro, H64, and A64 can all already be used much like as you described. The Rock64Pro and (upcoming) Hard Rock would both be capable of all these things, and offer performance very similar to the PBP (same SoC.) There are even cases for the Rock64Pro already available in the Pine store.
Yes, they should offer this.

You don't need to do any design work, it can be built 100% out of the components already offered. Just use the highest-spec SoC, emmc, PSU and case, and put an entry for it at the top of the page, in the same section with the other pre-built options. Ship it pre-assembled and pre-flashed.

You would get many more sales and many more users. You don't realize how many people are looking at that long page full of bare electronic guts and thinking this isn't for them, not realizing that you can slot some of the pieces together relatively simply, closing the tab without even digging through it. You need to make it as easy as possible for people to pick up a linux mini-desktop PC.

And if they want to customize it, they can. But pre-built would get many more people in the door and into the community, and sticking around long enough to realize what they can do. And you'd also get a lot more press, which means dramatically more people coming in.
We all have our preferences and theories on how to get more press coverage and or popularity for the Pine64 products.
My theory is that the Pinephone is currently the best bet for more coverage and popularity, as the only other competitor seems to be Librem, at the moment.

The SBC market is dominated by Raspberries and it's hard for other players to get a decent slice of the market.
With the current state of the OS's, I wouldn't recommend these machines to the "average" user, as it's still too complicated for them.
A complete SBC with a case won't make it simple enough for them.

What we can do is make blog posts about Pine64 products, write on Reddit, Facebook and make videos on Youtube or LBRY.
I also showed the Pinebook Pro to some friends, but only to friends that I know that can work with Linux.
I wouldn't recommend a Pine64 product to my mother.
Making it easier to use by preassembling and preflashing would still be a good thing, and expand the pool of people who can use it. Microsoft doesn't worry that people might get in over their heads if they can buy pre-built PCs with preinstalled Windows.

I'm looking at getting the next larger lake of users here, who have the skills or can quickly pick them up, but don't realize a low financial commitment, Intel/AMD "trusted computing module"-free linux mini-PC is already available. If they're looking at your store page, you want to get the sale. Don't assume they're already on an RPi; I've been a linux user for over 20 years, and simply never had time to pay attention to single-board computers. For most of its history, RPi was a doohickey for people who had time to burn, and it will take a while for it to shed that image.

Press attention was something which occurred to me as an additional benefit, not the main purpose.
I entered a "Yes" but it comes with caveats. Yes, I would love a desktop/workstation Pine. No, I do not want all the limitations that come from the current lineup of SoCs from Rock Chip. I am very seriously considering a Honeycomb LX2K from Solid Run (link: https://www.solid-run.com/nxp-lx2160a-fa...rkstation/). There are Cavium/ThunderX and Ampere/eMAG offerings from Avantech but the prices are steep for my desires.

I've been saying it, now, for two or three years: If Pine64 puts together a 16 - 32 core system with all the usual things people expect in a desktop or workstation, it will sell. I, for one, would buy it, especially if it came in different core-counts with a slotted SoC I could upgrade at a later date.

But I do not consider the rk3399 -- or anything else from RockChip's current product line -- to be desktop capable. They're barely even mobile-capable by modern mid-tier standards (which is okay because they're priced with low-tier standards where they are performance-competitive.) That said, I'm really drooling for a PineTime and PineTab. The tab is underpowered, as well, but not within its price range, and it's absolutely perfect for service as a handy org-mode note taking device.
(04-22-2020, 01:26 PM)PINETAB is great in price, and it will be in software sharing SoC with Pinephone.The cheap and good PINE family MUST GROW with a PINETAB MINI (music player) and with a PINEBOX for TV BOX and desktop computer use.  Not for the DIY and the Linux guy only, ready to use in a box, as many others Android TV boxes, but with KDE TV or Ubuntu TV (unfortunately died, but UBports guys can resucutate it with some demand).And I think it will be next PINEx generation - when it will be cheap a SoC with actual flagship features -,such as MHL, WiFi6, AV1 hw decoders, 5G, UFS 3.1, BT 5, and all the gamma of products I think 4 at least - MINI, PHONE, TAB, BOX - when sells will be great.tophneal Wrote: The Rock64, Rock64Pro, H64, and A64 can all already be used much like as you described. The Rock64Pro and (upcoming) Hard Rock would both be capable of all these things, and offer performance very similar to the PBP (same SoC.) There are even cases for the Rock64Pro already available in the Pine store.

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