Touchscreen broken on arrival [*now with video*]
(06-20-2020, 06:09 AM)ozzeruk Wrote: To update and complete this post.

On Thursday I received a new LCD touchscreen sent free of charge by Pine64.

I installed it myself and reconstructed the phone. The issue has now entirely disappeared!

I'm very pleased - if anyone else has a similar problem, then it is most likely the touchscreen.

Very glad your issue had been resolved.  I am curious as to how easy/difficult it was to replace the glass.  Mine arrived perfectly functional, with a couple of dead pixels on the very top left corner which doesn't affect anything. Alas, a month after using it my clumsiness had it slid down (face down) the dashboard in a car.  The top portion had small cracks and some pieces have gone missing.  I had since put scotch tape over it to prevent more pieces breaking off.  If this repair isn't necessary other than cosmetic, I would probably leave it as is. In the event that things start to get funny, I would consider purchasing a replacement glass.  That is, if it wouldn't be too difficult for me to replace myself.  Can you share your experience and if you'd found instructions where the source might be?  
Thank you!

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