Long-sleep image vs Pine64 image
to answer that question I must state the obvious.

The 8gb file download is certainly not longsleep's handy work. His images are base ubuntu core and are less than 200mb in size. Some of the images being downloaded are a bit out dated even my debian builds and longsleep's builds. At this point I would liek to say how everything is tied into longsleep's work as he was th efirst to get a working Kernel with all the functional bits (ethernet,wireless,hdmi etc etc). In essence everything is driven by his kernel/uboot build (simpleimage and scripts).

The best place to get longsleep's stuff is either direct or from pine64.pro as it keeps the latest images up for download and regularly checks for functionality.



keep in mind that this will soon be rectified as myself and others are working on a system to keep only the freshest and thoroughly tested images up on the wiki and official pine sites Wink.
If you like my work be sure to check out my site or wish to donate to the cause

Cheers Big Grin

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