A few other questions
Hi Pine64ers,

Apologies for duplication questions.

I have done some searching and still could not find answers for the following questions:

1. If I place the order now and get my PBP, do I still have to apply the various updates from Mr. FixIt, ansi keyboard firmwares etc?
2. Does the new Manjaro linux come with native 64-bit kernel and 64-bit userland?
3. Will there be an official sticker for my new PBP?
4. Does the built-in WiFi support IPv6 DHCP?
5. Will cheap USB-to-serial adaptors work with the USB-A port? By cheap I mean around US$3 - 5.

Thanks community.
1. depends when you ordered but probably yes. this is solved by installing manjaro yourself in the future too.
2. yes manjaro is aarch64
3. uhhhh
4. i dont know but not sure why not.
5. if supported by the linux kernel then yes.
It's always a good idea to keep an eye on the updates from Lukasz.

Usually the first post in the PBP forum: https://forum.pine64.org/forumdisplay.php?fid=112

"We’re excited and proud to announce that future Pinebook Pros will ship with Manjaro KDE as the default operating system. Pre-orders for the next production run of Pinebook Pros starts on March 18, 2020 with an estimated shipping date of early May, 2020 (once Hong Kong border opens to our shipping staff). The image that ships with the upcoming Pinebook Pro batch features an additional layer of polish, which extends to a custom set of wallpapers and tweaks to the default application list to include popular software."

Keyboard and trackpad firmware was supposed to be standard with the previous batch, but the factory forgot to d it.
So I assume it will be done this time.
And there is some time between freezing the Manjaro image and when it arrives at your door, so yes, expect to do some updates, but it should be easy.

And regarding serial adapters for USB, just check if these work in general with Linux.
I wouldn't be surprised it's some default protocol and not something that is different per vendor.
Just as an example, I connected a RØDE NT-USB Mini microphone and it was automatically detected, no software or reboot needed.

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