TIme to stop using Chinese manufacturing?
Is it time yet to stop using China altogether for manufacturing anything there?

I think Tim Pool put together a great report on China and the global pandemic going on globally.

Is this does not make you want to take this into serious consideration, or somewhat angry, not sure what else would.

This really isn't appropriate as a discussion point on this forum.

I also won't be getting into a debate about the presumptions in the linked video, nor your inferred standpoint that an individual business (e.g. factory) should be somehow penalized for a supposed government action/inaction or infraction.

I am locking this thread but not deleting it so that my views on discussing such political topics on are known.

If you wish to talk to me or someone else about it - you're welcome to take it to #OffTopic chat in IRC/Discord.
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

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