[Ox64 BL808 SBC] Apache NuttX International Workshop: Jun 13 and 14 (Tokyo Time)
Please join me online at Apache NuttX International Workshop (Jun 13 and 14, Tokyo Time), I'll talk about porting Apache NuttX RTOS to Ox64 BL808 SBC, creating an Ox64 Emulator and how Ox64 compares with Sophgo SG2000...

Apache NuttX International Workshop 2024

My Student Mentee for Google Summer of Code (Rushabh Gala) will also talk about Rust Apps on Ox64. There will be a YouTube Livestream for Q&A, the livestream will appear here...

NuttX Channel on YouTube

Here are the synopses for my presentations. Hope to chat with everyone real soon! :-)


"Adventures of Ox64 BL808 RISC-V SBC with Apache NuttX RTOS"

We ported Apache NuttX RTOS to PINE64's Ox64 BL808 64-bit Single-Board Computer. And we created an Emulator for Ox64 SBC that runs in the Web Browser, thanks to TinyEMU RISC-V Emulator. Today we run Daily Automated Testing of NuttX on the Ox64 Emulator.

In this presentation we explain how we used the Ox64 Emulator in our experiments with WebAssembly and NuttX: (1) Testing the TCC RISC-V Compiler in WebAssembly (2) Porting the QuickJS JavaScript Engine to NuttX (3) Creating a Drag-n-Drop App Builder for NuttX

"TinyEMU RISC-V Emulator for Apache NuttX RTOS"

What if we could boot and test Apache NuttX RTOS inside a Web Browser? This presentation explains how we created a NuttX Emulator in WebAssembly, based on TinyEMU RISC-V Emulator.

TinyEMU uses VirtIO for Console Input and Output. We'll talk about the VirtIO Drivers and OpenAMP Library in NuttX, and how we integrated them with TinyEMU.

We explain how created the Emulator for Ox64 SBC, based on TinyEMU Emulator. And how we run it for Daily Automated Testing of NuttX for Ox64.

"Analysis of Real-Time Logs for Apache NuttX RTOS with PureScript"

Today we can get Real-Time NuttX Logs from our RISC-V Devices: Ox64 SBC (Web Serial API) and Ox64 Emulator (Term.js). What if we could analyse the RISC-V Logs in Real-Time? And show the results in the Web Browser?

Let's do it with PureScript, the Functional Language that compiles to JavaScript. We'll also support Online Scripting of PureScript for Log Parsing.

Can we enhance the NuttX Developer Experience with Functional Programming Tools like PureScript? Or newer hardware like PINE64 Ox64 SBC and Sophgo SG2000? Let's chat about this.

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