Inverted speaker stereo polarity
(04-14-2020, 11:53 AM)zaius Wrote: Although what happens if Pine fixes the hardware? [..]

Manjaro are always in touch with Pine64 and I don't think they'd do such a hardware change without notifying us. 
If they wanted to fix this issue in newer revisions, we would need to have a version indicator (maybe through some sort of hardware e-fuse) or some other thing (like a GPIO state). 
But for now it's good enough with the current solution Smile
I reinstalled Manjaro ARM 20.04 and it is all correctly handled out of the box. So good job and I won't have to reach for the soldering iron any more. Also, Manjaro ARM is going to be the factory OS, so all good for new users too.
I recently received a Pinebook Pro (September 2020), and noticed that my speaker output has the polarity reversed.

The contents of: 
#!/usr/bin/env sh

case "$3" in
                amixer sset Speaker off
                amixer sset 'Playback Polarity' Normal ;;
                amixer sset 'Playback Polarity' 'R Invert'
                amixer sset Speaker on ;;
but when I tried running one of those commands manually I received the following error message:
Unable to find simple control 'Playback Polarity',0

Once I modified the contents of the file to:
#!/usr/bin/env sh

case "$3" in
                amixer -c 0 sset Speaker off
                amixer -c 0 sset 'Playback Polarity' Normal ;;
                amixer -c 0 sset 'Playback Polarity' 'R Invert'
                amixer -c 0 sset Speaker on ;;
It works properly, and my speakers are no longer out of phase.

This is the YouTube video I used to test the polarity:

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