Internal Display issues
I received my heavily anticipated PBP on Monday. I've had a great time learning about ROCK64 and the differences needed to work on this platform vs x86 and x64

I've followed a few guides and tested out a few of the images (Debian, Bionic Mate, Manjaro). I have Manjaro currently loaded on eMMC. I'd like to continue to test other images via SD cards. 

I loaded the Chromium image on a known working card with the PBP and used Etcher to write the image. It appeared to load fine but no internal display. Video output was not there. I had a similar issue when tested the Bionic Mate image and found that if I connected to a monitor via USBC I would get a display there but not on the internal laptop. Same issue with Chromium. 

Is there a known issue when switching between images and boot options where the internal display does not function? 

Thanks all, Great community here.
That's odd. I haven't seen that behavior in the original Chromium build. Have you tried any of brent's Chromium images? They can be found in the community CrOS build thread. The mainline one isn't ready for use yet, but the others work pretty well (though, I think 1 or 2 don't have functional Widevine.
Received PBP also last week.  Ran into similar issues With Chromium and Ubuntu Bionic based images (Mate and LXDE).
External display works just fine but built-in screen is blank. Could not find way how to fix.

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