Mainline Debian Buster on RockPro64 ?
(04-24-2020, 03:39 PM)kuleszdl Wrote: Well, since Pine64 is focusing on the hardware someone from the community will have to step forward and do it.

That's a pity, because full Debian support would probably make the board more attractive to buyers. Seems like they're losing sales by not mainlining it.

Do you happen to know if recent mainline kernels get full performance from the PCIe bus? This would be important for the NAS use case.
I agree, I would love having official full support as well.

Regarding PCIe performance: Nope, you will very likely not get that on Debian mainline ever. The reason is that setting this is not safe by default because some boards seem to be faulty as discussed in this thread:

However, this is "just" a matter of the DTB file and not the kernel itself. Therefore, you just need to patch the dts, compile it to obtain the "speedy" DTB once and put it "hard-wired" in your Debian system. At least this is my plan and it seems to work fine so far.
There *IS* official support in Debian now (just in unstable)!

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