Emmc to MicroSD adapter won't fit in recessed slot of pbp

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Will not fit!  I don't want to link to an order page as it might cause confusion.  Attempted with Odroid Emmc to MicroSD adapter.  Will not fit since the slot is recessed in the pbp


You'll want to an Emmc to USB adapter instead.  I've had no trouble with those. Cheers.  Smile
I'm not sure I understand.
I have this adapter and it fits, it doesn't fit directly into the USB port but with the ton of microSD to USB adapters that come with SD cards it's not really a problem.
The adapter that doesn't fit is emmc to microsd.  I'm saying it will not click into the microsd slot.
I have a SmartFly eMMC to micro SD adapter that fits the PBP. I haven't tried to use it, but it clicks in place.

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