Battery / power question

I've yet to receive my Pinebook Pro so I'll ask around if anyone has any answer to my questions.
Lets say the Pinebook was opened with board and internals completely exposed with both battery and external power connected, while system is booted and running.
Now, say I yank the battery connection out while in operation. Would this affect the system while running, and if so in what way?

If it does not affect the system in any way, I'm guessing current battery information can be read out through /proc/acpi/battery/BAT0/info ? And if so, how would the file be affected if the battery is disconnected during operation?
The Pinebook Pro will turn off forcefully (unsafe shutdown). 
There is a special jumper wire inside the Pinebook Pro which allows for operation on mains power only. 

Important! Do not plug the jumper cable in without unplugging the battery. This would destroy your mainboard. 
It can also only be powered from the 5V DC jack, not via USB-C. 

You also shouldn't open the Pinebook Pro while the backcover is off, it's a structural part of the device and will cause plastic parts to break.
"The Pinebook Pro will turn off forcefully (unsafe shutdown). "
That is perfect. Thank you for your reply.

Regarding "You also shouldn't open the Pinebook Pro while the backcover is off"
Still not sure how the Pinebook is opened as mine hasn't been delivered yet. Are there any howtos with images/video for how to open the case up if it requires special attention?
There's a section on the wiki that talks about assembly/disassembly. There's also a discussion thread on this forum under hardware.

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