Is it possible to power the phone without a battery?
I'd like to be able to power a smartphone device without the battery installed. Is this possible with the pinephone? Assuming by default it won't work (no phone after the galaxy S2 ever supported this), can the presence of a battery be faked such that it will work without damaging the device?

In case you're curious why: Intended application is to have it continuously powered near the head end of my bed where I will mainly use this device as a white noise generator and an alarm clock. I have currently gone through great trouble to rig up an LG Volt to do exactly this, but it relies on a questionable LineageOS build on the software end to work, and even more questionable methods to install said OS onto the phone. All in all it's a pain, and an open platform phone would be far more preferable.
The S8 I was using as a home phone with a DeX dock and 24" touchscreen just about exploded. You definitely don't want to leave them plugged in 24/7! I tried getting it to work without the battery too BTW (great minds think alike.)

Another solution is limiting the amount of charging to somewhere between 40% and 80%. The MyASUS app on my laptop does this as do some custom Android builds.

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