Coronavirus outbrake impact on PINE64
(02-21-2020, 08:28 AM)ab1jx Wrote: Here's a computer science application for you, write a simulator that stops a virus using only quarantine and see how long it takes.  Remember the game of life simulator?  Every active case has to be quarantined but it may take 2 weeks after exposure before symptoms show.  The number of people each potential case could contact in 2 weeks is large making face masks a necessity.  And staying at home.

I waited about 2 months for mine, it was worth it.  Anybody notice the virus effect on Bitcoin prices?

It's almost enough to make a case for having a few resellers.  If you want an Odroid from Korea, you can buy one instead from Ameridroid in the US which buys them in batches and maintains a stock.  Faster and cheaper since it's cheaper to ship them overseas in case lots.  I think the price per machine was up about $5 each but the shipping was about $20 cheaper so it made up for it.

Ameridroid stocks Pine64 products as well. I got my last rock64 from them.

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